The presentation of the OPA/CCBM in India, in BONN, Germany and at RIO + 20 conferences

Mar 05 2013

The OPA presented in India, at the Global Symposium of the 11th International Conference of Heads of Justice, "Awakening Planetary Consciousness" was held at City Montessori School a lecture under the title "The new direction of the Education for the World Civilization through Law, Peace and Sustainable Development, with children". Soon later the organization filed by FOWPAL Forum of the at the 64th Annual UN / DPI / NGO Conference in BONN, Germany and at the World Summit of Love and Peace on Sustainable Development held at the RIO +20 by FOWPAL at HSBC Arena - two events chaired by Dr. Hong Tao-Tze, the organization's president and vice-president of the UN / NGO Association of World Citizens (AWC, World Association of Citizenship) - Two lectures within the main theme of the Responsible Citizens Construction of and Sustainable Societies with this same direction: The Education for the Third Millennium World Civilization with the view of the law, Peace and Sustainable Development.

The core proposal of the organization to these two goals, building sustainability and responsible citizens worldwide was then presented in RIO + 20:

The establishment of a Decade of Education for Sustainable Development in the Family from 2014/2015.
This proposal is based on a global action plan, with a cultural background, called FAMILY DESD PLAN (PLANO DESD FAMÍLIA). The plan is an initiative of social organization in the cultural sphere within the specific objective of mobilization and union of peoples, nations and religions in the following direction:
The establishment of the metaphysics, ethics and conduct unit of the human family that is able to frame the fight against crime and in favor of the establishment of a cultural unity in the planet from the perspective of human formation for world citizenship.

The main strategic direction adopted for action is this: The organization, systematization and sharing of a line of action of the human family on the social formation of identity, communication and social relationships of children between 0 and 14 years of age that would be able to sustain the strengthening of relations between societies and communities of different cultural and religious extraction on the construction of this unit and overcoming crime.

The novelty is that this plan is not focused on the economy, school education and work as the basis of action for sustainable development. This plan specifically identifies - and embraces - the human person, the family, the personal and collective identity of family and, the dynamics of community relations with the children, as priority areas for the integral formation of citizens, of social justice and union of peoples and nations. It is a plan that is based on the view that the family should be assumed by the UN as the domestic sanctuary of the State of Law - as has always been assumed, since the beginnings of time, by the cultural traditions of the peoples and nations, in particular by Pope and by Church. Read here the Plan.